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A film by Clément Steffen
Assisted by Marie Schrevens

Wave of The Moon - Desire (2022)

Written and directed by Marie Schrevens

Co-director : Clément Steffen
Camera operator : 
Clément Steffen
DOP : Clément Steffen
Video Editing : Clément Steffen
Color Grading : Clément Steffen

Screenwriters: Sébastien Thieltgen & Marie Schrevens
Gaffers: Sébastien Thieltgen & Gauthier Grandhenry
Set and costumes designer: Marie Schrevens
Hairdresser (Blackpart): Amandine Trodoux
Dance Coach: Maoro Dion
Runners: Jeanne Schrevens & Laurence Martin

Holy Hop Circus - Watch You (2022)

Directed by Clément Steffen
Camera operator : Clément Steffen
DOP : Clément Steffen
Video Editing : Clément Steffen
Color Grading : Clément Steffen
First assistant director : Marie Schrevens
Art Director : Marie Schrevens

Producers : Holy Hop Circus and Audio Concept ASBL

Screenwritters : Clément Steffen and Holy Hop Circus


Written and directed by Clément Steffen

First assistant director and HMC : Marie Schrevens

DOP end camera : Colin Donner
Key grip : Aristide Kobenan

Runner : Alex Thomas, Antoine Rotthier and Florence Guillaume
Video Editing : Clément Steffen
Color Grading : Clément Steffen

Glass Museum - Abyss (2020)

Directed by Glass Museum

Dancer : Sofia Moreira

Director of Photography : Lucas Ruyssen Camera Assistant : Felix Lepinne

Image Trainee : Quentin Calmont

Video Editing : Clément Steffen

Color Grading : Jean Couritas

Isidore and The Protectors - Smell Of Living Love (2019)

Directed & Edited by Clément Steffen

Filmed by Baptiste Maryns

Developped by Studio Baxton

Wave of The Moon - Bad Liars (2019)

Directed by Clément Steffen 

Screenwriters : WOTM & Clément Steffen

Production : Wave of the Moon 

DOP/Editing/Color Grading by Clément Steffen

Lightning Technician : Sébastien Thieltgen

Art Director : Wave of the Moon.

Atum Nophi - Nothing Common (2019)

Directed by Atum Nophi, Delphine Schockert and Clément Steffen


Filmed, edited and scaled by Clément Steffen

Lights by Delphine Schockert, Thomas Borde and Antoine De Peretti


Artists: Colette Colerette, Flying Willy, Rebecca Parker, Laly Pop, Tanya Milano

Weathers - The Visit (2017)

Directed by Clément Steffen and Nicolas Ancion

Screenplay : Nicolas Ancion

First Assistant Director : Suzanne Martin

Cast : Helena Coppejans


DOP and camera operator : Clément Steffen

Art Director and Make up Artist : Manon Goffin Assistant Art Director : Nicolas Ancion

Key Grip and Lightning Technicians : Noé Chalon and Léo Thiebaut

Film Editor and Colorist : Clément Steffen

Assistant post-production : Anthony Descamps

Weathers - Crystal Landing (2017)

Directed and Edited by Clément Steffen

Uninspired - Discopants (2016)

Written, Directed and Colored by Clément Steffen

Assistant Director : Tom Denoël

Production Designers : Iman Moussamih, Maxime Mouton and Clément Steffen

Camera Operator : Lucas Ruyssen

Assistant Camera : Arnaud Leffler

Gaffers : Maxime Mouton, Timothée Sempels and Denis Natalis

Editing and FX : Anthony Descamps

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